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Baule African Mask, Tribal Baule Mask of Akan


Title: Baule African Mask, Tribal Baule Mask of Akan
Object: Face Mask – African Tribal Art
Ethnic Group: The Akan people
Materials: Wood with pigmentation
Approximate Age: Later part of 20th century
Size: 47cm High x 26cm Wide
Overall Condition – Average (chipped corner)

This mask is truly aged, and the chipped corner reveals the Vintage nature of the item. Made by hand and used extensively by tribes men, the natural wear and condition immediately ensures its authenticity as belonging to an indigenous tribe of active ceremonial villagers.

The Baule people typically create art in several medias, from wooden ancestral masks to brass castings. This particular piece of dark wood carving is a homage’ back to their Asante origins. The Baule belong to the Akan tribe who still inhabit parts of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.

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